Unexport with Juanfran Guevara 58

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UNEXPORT joins Juanfran Guevara 58 in the World Motorcycling Championship, under the Moto3 category. Unexport joins and supports JG 58 travelling all around the world hand in hand and led by this young motorcyclist strengthening its prestigious products.

UNEXPORT  is the union of a number of agriculture cooperatives, committed to provide an increasingly competitive service in international markets. This is the philosophy with which we were set up with in 1999 and it is under that philosophy with which we continue to grow and successfully tackle and rise to the challenges posed by increasingly demanding markets. Over 12,000 production hectares, a presence in over 30 countries and a team of top level professionals, who are trained and committed to the project, a comprehensive logistics service which is accessible in any part of the world.


UNEXPORT  has the foundational commitment to successfully be accessible to the most demanding markets as regards quality, to offer the widest range of fruit and vegetable products under a single trademark and to maintain a continual ability to adapt, so as to cover at any given moment the demands of a dynamic, increasingly united and demanding market. All this coupled with the values of commitment with partners, clients and consumers, trust for our clients, flexibility to clients and partners, coupled with the highest quality of our products.


JG 58: “I had a great day last Friday when I visited the facilities of my new sponsor, I got to meet the people who make up this great company. I was shown their working methods, the international potential that they have, the quality of its products and the commitment of the company with its clients”.


The team of Juanfran Guevara thanks UNEXPORT  for its sponsorship agreement with  Juanfran Guevara 58  and notes that it is a major company worldwide in the manufacture of various high quality fruit and vegetable products as under a single trademark.  Highlighting the commitment of a natural guarantee, service and high quality are the standard and of prime importance of the company to consumers of its products.


Source: www.juanfranguevara.es