Unexport joins 8M for gender equality

 In 2030 Agenda

The economic and social situation of women remains vulnerable and discriminatory in 2022. As the United Nations Organization, much of the progress made in recent decades has been reduced and even limited with the pandemic.

That is why Unexport joins the cause of the 8th of March as an international movement for Women’s Day. We are aware that as a company and as members of society we have a responsibility and commitment to raise awareness and collaborate with the cause.

Sustainable Development Goals 5 aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. This is a fundamental human right and is also an essential foundation for building a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Raising awareness and defending these rights starts by applying this philosophy in our corporate body, counteracting the numbers and generating actions that change the percentages. 68.2% of our team of workers is made up of women. They all play a fundamental role in the different links of the company’s organisation and without them Unexport would not be able to operate.

We understand that recognition and promotion is a right for everyone. In the same way, we try to favour the conciliation of work and family life.