Unexport and Murmullos del Edén almonds

 In Murmullos del Éden, Unexport

The Mediterranean is a privileged location in the world for the cultivation of almonds, for that reason the almonds of this area are highly valued all over the world.

At Unexport our farmers cultivate different varieties of almonds such as Marcona, Comuna, Largueta, Guara, Ferragnès and Ramillete, of which, different sizes are also made available according to market requirements. All of these almonds are delicious and nutritious, a basic staple in the Mediterranean diet over the centuries.

Unexport has its own-branded processed products, Murmullos del Edén, which is responsible for delivering our almonds to markets around the world, as well as other  preserved vegetable products and olive oils.

The forms of almond consumption are very varied thanks to the great versatility of this product. That is why Murmullos del Edén has a wide variety of formats in which the almond reaches consumers.

Unexport’s conventional almond

Our cooperative has conventional cultivated almonds in the Largueta, Guara, Marcona, Ferragnès, Ramillete and Comuna varieties. Both whole as well as peeled or processed into flour or slices. Some of the varieties are also available in other formats such as roasted/salted and peeled, for Largueta and Comuna almonds; and roasted/salted and unpeeled, for Marcona almonds.

Unexport organic almond

Unexport and Murmullos del Edén offer both traditional almonds as well as organic almonds. Unexport’s organic almonds belong to the Comuna variety, which are available whole or peeled, and with a myriad of varieties and for that reason is the most demanded almond for confectionery. Its taste properties and benefits offer numerous advantages in the elaboration of confectionery, specifically nougats.