This Christmas the natural thing is to be supportive

 In 2030 Agenda, Campaign, Unexport

The crisis we are facing has shown us that this pandemic itself cannot be overcome, the solidarity of all of us is necessary, since it is in the common good to get out of this situation.

In line with our solidarity commitment, and in our effort of cooperation with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have carried out an initiative in collaboration with the Food Bank, mainly motivated by the pressing needs of dealing with this situation, which has led to a serious food emergency.

The ‘Natural is to be supportive’ campaign has a clear purpose: to make Unexport customers feel that they are part of a very large action, since this year, the tip they used to be given will turn into a donation to the Food Bank. In this way each of the customers has collaborated in the hunger fight, so that this Christmas many families will be able to receive basic food.

Unexport in its concern for the elimination of hunger and malnutrition, frames this action in its contribution to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 2: No Hunger; thanks to this contribution many families will be able to see some of their most basic needs fulfilled so that, as far as possible they will be able to improve their living conditions.