Spring is citrus in Unexport, find out why

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We live in a country that produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that is a worldwide reference. We have collected the wealth of our fields in the extensive Unexport catalog with the motivation of distributing the assortment of crops from southern Spain around the world. This month we make a special mention of the citrus universe, do you join us?

We explain 5 advantages of choosing citrus in spring!

The power of antioxidants

Like many fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits are a rich source of antioxidants that help you fight aging, protect you from cardiovascular disease, and boost your immune system so you can enjoy good health. Choose a rich juice and fill yourself with vitality!

Good for the gut

They prevent constipation, in addition to helping you digestion, thanks to its high fiber content, being a perfect remedy for intestinal problems.

You look better in them!

Citrus fruits have benefits for the skin, either by eliminating impurities or offering greater hydration and toning. To see you splendid on those days outdoors!

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Here you have the perfect ally to do sports and practice physical exercise, since, in addition to recovering lost fluids, you will recover minerals.

Take them as you like

Citrus fruits are very versatile fruits, they are used up to the skin, and their interior allows them to be easily squeezed for juices, drinks and sauces, or simply to take them whole and enjoy their juicy flavor.

These advantages make oranges, lemons, grapefruits or limes the best companions on the sunny afternoons that are approaching. We can’t say no to them! And you?