Soil, the source of life par excellence

 In Unexport

In Unexport we are claiming this campaign the message “we give you life” as part of our work as farmers. That is why we also want to recognise and defend all those elements that allow us to fulfil our role. Today, 5th December, World Soil Day is celebrated to remind us of the importance of soil for society as a whole and for the life cycle.

Soil, together with water, is responsible for providing us with the main basis for food production, ecosystems and human well-being. This is recognised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in its 2023 campaign. We as farmers and as citizens must act consciously to preserve the richness of our soils and conserve the great benefits they provide.
Plants grow and are nourished by soil and water, their natural environment. Today, rain-fed farming systems already account for 80% of cultivated land and contribute 60% of the world’s food production. It is a common responsibility to effectively manage the moisture management of our soils and to act respectfully in their work. We know that soil health and water quality and availability are interconnected and we work to safeguard their health.

One of the main measures to be taken is to prioritise healthy soils by enriching them with organic matter. Organic matter plays a key role in regulating water retention and availability. Healthy and strong soils are much better able to withstand extreme climatic events such as drought or floods. They also act as carbon sinks, playing a crucial role in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and contributing to climate change adaptation. Together and with awareness we can defend and care for our soils, sources of life par excellence.