Redi: the new broccoli with unique attributes

 In Unexport

At Unexport we are adding a new specialty to our range of vegetable products: Redi. Redi is a broccoli-family vegetable but with characteristic purple colour sprouts and an intense flavour which adds colour, originality and an extra something to any meal.

The purple colour is due to the fact that it has more antioxidants than a normal broccoli, which also greatly enhances the properties of the food; this, together with its high content of Vitamin C, make it the perfect ingredient in a healthy diet.

As with the other broccoli varieties, Redi can be cooked in many different ways, but the result will be a little bit sweeter and much more striking, bringing pleasure to all the dishes in which it is included. It can be eaten raw, keeping its characteristic purple colour, or cooked on the grill, blanched, simmered, steamed or in any other creative manner, where it will gradually become greener in colour.