Redi, an antioxidant purple superfood

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Do you know what a superfood is?

It is a food with a very high nutritional value, either due to its high concentration of antioxidants, healthy fats or vitamins. In this post and the following ones, we are going to talk about four superfoods made in Murcia, that you should have in your kitchen, the first of all is Redi.

Redi is a vegetable of the broccoli family that is characterized by the purple color of its sprouts and its intense flavor, which together offer a different touch to dishes.

The purple of its sprouts is something more than differentiation and attractiveness compared to broccoli, and it is that it gives it levels of antioxidant activity and anthocyanin much higher than those of its family.

In addition, due to its phenolic compounds and glucosinates, redi has a high contribution of vitamin C, which ends up defining it as a mandatory superfood of a healthy diet.

How is redi prepared?

Thanks to its sweet taste and its tender stem, it is ideal to eat it raw in salads or as a complement to any dish. Steamed, where it will acquire a greener tone but preserving its sweetness and texture, blanched, grilled, or in any other creative way, but bringing that joy and originality to your dishes.

To conclude, we are clear about one thing, it does not matter how the redi is cooked, its characteristic color and flavor will produce a wake-up call for our senses that will begin with sight and end with taste.

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