Our aims for 2023

 In 2030 Agenda, Unexport

Another year comes to the end and at Unexport we take a look back to analyse our journey and put on the table our goals for 2023.

Moving towards the social economy

Unexport was born as a social economy company since our activity seeks the collective interest of our members, both economically and socially. But this is not a road that has come to an end, we have only just begun. We must continue to work together towards this goal and implement further measures to make it possible.

In this way, we ensure that people and social goals take precedence over capital in our corporate principles. This is manifested through democratic, participatory, autonomous and transparent management.

Committed to sustainability

This year we have continued to make progress in our sustainability plan, committed to the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda. We have prioritised the use of renewable energies and the manufacture or choice of more sustainable materials. Our main objective has been and will continue to be to be sustainable for the planet while remaining sustainable for the consumer.

We consolidate our commercial guarantees

We remain committed to the comprehensive services that we have offered to all our customers for so many years. All Unexport’s farming partners take individual and collective measures to improve their production. Achieving the highest quality while guaranteeing care for the environment is the ultimate goal of all our partners.

In addition, our product catalogue is in continuous development. We are up to date in the supply of the most demanded fruit and vegetable products, we are committed to organic production and we carry out research work in search of the best products.

For our part, we will continue to offer the most complete logistics. We reach more and more markets in the shortest possible time. You will always find a partner in our sales department who will be happy to help and advise you about our offer and services.

We are committed to improving for a better world.