Kale, the trendy superfood

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The next superfood made in Murcia that we are going to explain in this post is Kale, also known as cole, it is a vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family, such as broccoli, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts.

Why should Kale be a superfood?

Due to its great nutritional benefits, it is very low in calories, due to its high water content and high fiber content, it has more iron than meat and more calcium than milk, in addition, it is high in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A and also high in flavonoids and carotenoids. Lastly, kale is rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

After explaining its properties, we can add that its sulfur compounds, or glucosinolates, reduce the absorption of lipids; it has a high antioxidant power; help improve intestinal transit; and its benefits are being investigated in diseases such as prostate cancer.

How to consume it?

In salad: We make the most of its nutrients, using the most tender and new leaves, dressing to taste with other ingredients.

In juices: The so-called green juices, easy and quick smoothies to prepare and that with imagination we can create super-nutritious recipes by mixing with foods such as cucumber, ginger or pineapple.

Steamed or boiled: Maintaining its healthy benefits and texture.

Sauteed: As an ideal condiment for any pasta dish, rice, legumes, potato, sweet potato …

Baked: An original and different way of eating Kale, with a jet of EVOO in chips mode, very healthy

Finally, it should be noted that its production runs from November to February in the Murcia and Albacete area. It is a product widely consumed in northern Europe and the US (which have even dedicated a National Kale Day to it), but every year it is making a dent in Spanish gastronomy.