International Day of Persons with Disabilies

 In 2030 Agenda

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities has been celebrated every 3 December since 1992. The aim is to defend and promote the rights and welfare of people with disabilities. It also aims to raise awareness of their situation in society in all aspects of political, social, cultural and economic life.

Unexport wanted to collaborate one more year in the awareness campaign of the Adecco Foundation as part of our commitment to the 2030 Agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals have become an essential part of our business activity, and from here we want to promote the reduction of inequality, the generation of decent employment and economic growth.

On this occasion Adecco wants to make this reality visible from the reflection of each recipient. They talk about what it means to be “disabled” and how society interprets it, talking about talent and courage.

Saving sceptic people means showing them that part of disability that sometimes goes unnoticed, and we want to do our bit and save as many sceptic people as possible. In this way, one day “disability” will no longer be a defining element but just another adjective of the person.

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