Green asparagus, the perfect garnish!

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Today at Unexport we look at one of the most beloved vegetables in our gastronomy: asparagus.

Green asparagus is one of the products we offer that impresses us the most, both for its taste and for its health benefits. This herbaceous plant has its growing season from February to May and grows in enclosed land and with specifically cold temperatures to improve its growth. The difference in color with its brother, the white asparagus, is given by the chlorophyll thanks to the sunlight.

Regarding the origin of this vegetable that is so present in our diet today, we can say that its first crops date back to Egypt more than 5,000 years ago. Thanks to illustrations and writings that history leaves us, we also know that it passed through Ancient Rome, to finally have its greatest splendor and settlement in the 18th century where the bourgeoisie began to consume it more regularly, including the cultivation of it in their domains. In addition, we highlight the importance it has acquired in the Southeast of Spain in recent years, becoming a relevant producer of this vegetable.

Regarding its benefits and properties, we can highlight its high amount of fiber, which helps the digestive system. In addition, its large amount of water makes it a satiating food, perfect for a balanced diet.

Likewise, asparagus provides us with vitamins A, B and C, along with minerals such as iron, sodium, potassium and calcium, helping the development and strengthening of our bones, essential to protect us against aging and keep us in shape.

Finally, it should be noted that in addition to being an ally for our health, the flavor it brings to each dish makes it perfect for side dishes or starters. Some of these perfect dishes to include asparagus, are scrambled, stews or baked dishes, they offer flavor, health and nutrients.

It is the perfect garnish for our meals!