Eat With Passion by Unexport

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  • Eat With Passion is our new campaign and our reason to make watermelon the true sensation of the season.
  • The cooperative is betting on promoting the health and values ​​of the company to bring all the flavor of summer to national and international territory.

Life is full of pleasures that let us live unforgettable moments in a more special and emotional way. One of those pleasures in this time is to enjoy the quality of watermelon, one of the moisturizing foods with a sweet and refreshing flavor, the perfect example to understand the true passion of summer.

At Unexport we have launched our Eat With Passion campaign, entering a path full of emotions and experiences, creating a movement that not only reflects our passion for the taste of watermelon, but also shows a way of understanding life.

Our commitment and philosophy makes us the greatest allies of the welfare and care of our land. That is why we have more than 12,000 hectares of production, focused on quality and the natural guarantee that characterizes us.

In Unexport we continue to expand our passion to grow and increase the journey of our watermelons around Europe, making our collection the trend and flavor of countries such as France, Denmark, Finland and northern Spain. Our vision looks towards progress, and our mission is to take Eat With Passion to new frontiers. The season of watermelon is the awakening of our imagination and the creative feeling to prepare delicious and healthy recipes that you would never have considered, taking advantage of the properties and benefits offered by watermelon to give a touch of personality and health to summer.

The Eat With Passion movement teaches us to discover those reasons why our watermelons are always one step ahead, and how we elevate this historic fruit to new fields and markets where we can all enjoy.

Discover our movement and join our true passion.