Cooperatives, an essential part of society

 In Unexport

This year marks the 100th International Day of Cooperatives. Cooperatives are socio-economic models in which the main value is equality and equity. In them, people organise themselves to create a voluntary association that provides them with democratically controlled joint ownership.

This day has been recognised by the United Nations for 28 years. Cooperatives are an example of how working together and union are the most effective model of collaborative success. In cooperatives, all members work towards a single goal, collective growth.

Cooperatives and sustainability

We live in a collaborative society in which we cannot act as isolated individuals. Cooperatives and their subsistence are also fundamental to the Sustainable Development Goals. Collaborative sustainable work involving different enterprises multiplies the sustainability results for each of the agents involved.

Moreover, the cooperative is the only form of enterprise that stabilises the population and activity in the area in which it operates. In this way, in our country, it helps to preserve the populations in what is known as “empty Spain”.

Cooperatives and economy

Cooperatives are not only found in our sector, the agricultural sector, but also exist and are equally effective in the different economic sectors. They have proved to be one of the most decisive models in times of crisis. Moreover, they are one of the best tools for promoting economic participation.

At Unexport, we have relied on the cooperative model to develop our business model from the beginning. Our partners are our most reliable value. Their joint and constant work is what makes it possible to obtain the freshest products on the market. This cooperative work also allows us to have a wide and fluid international commercial network and a great logistic service. The efforts of all the partners come together to offer more advantages to our customers.

Thanks to all our members for their commitment to union to make this day possible today. Happy International Cooperative Day.