Agriculture Day: We give you life

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Every September 9 we celebrate Agriculture Day, an opportunity to highlight our reason for being: our products. For Unexport, our products are a priority. Therefore, we value them for what they are: living, fresh products that arise from the creation of the art of agriculture and behind which there is a history of dedication and love for the land. Ensuring that the food that reaches our tables is nutritious and of high quality is a responsibility shared by the entire food chain.

Without a doubt, this day also invites us to reflect on the important role that all people who work in agriculture have. This art is not limited to planting and harvesting crops; It encompasses a variety of disciplines and knowledge. The work of farmers consists of creating life from a seed, generating a product that will later serve as food to whoever consumes it, thus fulfilling a fundamental chain to preserve life. For this reason, farmers also have a responsibility to manage the land sustainably, preserving its fertility and its ability to harvest quality products.

This is why agriculture is so important in our lives. And in fact, it has always been like this, since this practice has been understood from its beginnings as a source of sustenance, community and culture. It has been a reflection of the relationship between human beings and the land that feeds them. In addition, it has undergone great evolution over the centuries, as farmers have perfected their craft, moving from rudimentary practices to highly specialized cultivation methods. At the same time, quality control systems have been developed to guarantee sustainable development. All these advances have been carried out with the same objective: to obtain the best products.

It is also worth mentioning the profound impact that agriculture has on the culture and identity of our community. Agricultural traditions transmit knowledge and values ​​from generation to generation, testifying to our cultural wealth.

For all these reasons, at Unexport we understand the value of agriculture as part of our identity, and the product obtained from it as the central axis of our activity. These foods are our reason for being, living testimonies of the deep connection between humans and the earth, and behind them there is a story of dedication and love for nature.